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​​​Lead was historically used in paints and coatings. These lead-containing paints were commercially available to consumers and contractors alike. Structures built prior to 1978 are more likely to contain lead in paints and coatings than more recently built structures. Lead is a concern in housing because it is a poison that is easily ingested in the form of paint chips, soil, and dust, principally by children under the age of 6, though lead in housing is also a hazard for adults at higher levels.

According to the EPA, lead-based paint is defined as any paint, varnish, stain, or other applied coating that has 1 mg/cm2 (or 5,000 ppm (0.5%) by weight) or more of lead. Prior to 1978, lead-base paint was used prevalently in homes and businesses.

Lead is a highly toxic metal that affects every system of the body. While adults can suffer from excessive lead exposures, fetuses, infants and children under age 6 are more at risk.  If the paint is peeling, chipping, chalking, or cracking, or you need a HUD inspection. Federal HUD has mandated abatement of lead hazards in federal housing. Federal EPA regulations require disclosure of lead hazards by all home sellers, leasers, and renters of pre-1978 housing.

DRH provides the following type of assessments:

  • Paint chip  sampling (destructive) for limited assessments
  • XRF scanner  for comprehensive lead sampling (non-destructive)

DRH provides a report with observations, XRF scanner measurements or lab data and conclusions.

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